Tsiistre Society

The non-profit association Tsiistre Society (Tsiistre Selts) was founded on 21 December 2006.

The main objective of Tsiistre Society is to ensure charitable support for the preservation of the Tsiistre area and development as a prosperous rural area. To achieve this goal, Tsiistre Society plans to implement the necessary measures on a project basis, involving the local population in developing, implementing the projects as well as follow-up activities and developing cooperation between public sector, companies and other third sector organizations.

The founding of the Society and the planning of activity were preceded by the projects conducted by MTÜ Kolme Kandi Klubi, which operates throughout the Misso area, in Tsiistre as well. Namely, the Piksteperä recreational complex was established, Hürsi bus pavilion, the Kisõjärve swimming spot and a network of dedicated Internet connections.

The development plan for Tsiistrenukk was prepared for 2007-2013. The plan consists of an analysis, explanations regarding the possibilities of grants, a statement of objectives and strategy for achieving objectives and descriptions of the initially planned activities.

The initially planned activities (total of 52) deal with five basic directions:

  1. keeping the living environment, home place and nature integral and pure,
  2. safeguarding and developing home culture,
  3. developing infrastructure,
  4. creating conditions for economic activity,
  5. developing external cooperation.